What Is Incense Burning? An Introduction For The Newcomer

OK, so you’re new to the incense burning thing? That’s great because we’re all newbies in the beginning. I wanted to write this article about incense for the newcomer. I feel it’s worth talking over a few things here, as a way of giving you a slight nudge off the starting line.

Some questions to ask yourself to get things moving.

Why would you want to burn incense?

Maybe a friend, a member of your family, or work colleague has been talking about it and you’re wanting to understand more about burning incense? What was is that drove you to enquire further? A simple question to ask yourself and if you know the answer then, great!

People want to burn incense for a number of reasons, of which there are many. Here are 10 reasons for it:

  1. Meditation
  2. Reduce stress and anxiety
  3. Spirituality
  4. Relaxing and unwinding
  5. Stimulate creativity
  6. Increase your focus
  7. Yoga practice
  8. Aid sleep
  9. Air purification
  10. Simply smelling the aroma


I have another article which goes in to a little more detail on each of these points, entitled “10 Reasons to Burn Incense – Why Incense Burning is so popular”


How Often Should Incense Be Used?

Not such a daft question, actually. Knowing this will probably be a trial and error situation for you in the beginning. I know when I first started, I was so keen to try all the many different scents, from all the different incense manufacturers, of which there are many. It was a fun experience and one which I am sure you will put yourself through as well.

After the “honeymoon phase”, as I like to call it, you’ll settle in to a routine of how often you light that incense stick or cone. The frequency really all depends on the answer to your first question above. If, for example you want to use incense for relaxing and unwinding, then how often you feel the need do this will determine the burning.

Is Burning Incense Safe?

In terms of fire hazard safe, incense should be treated in a similar way to a lit candle. Obviously you keep an eye on it, ensuring there is nothing likely to become in contact. Never leave incense burning where you can’t see it, unless you know for sure there is no way it can fall and be amongst combustable materials. Using a purposeful incence holder or ashcatcher is highly recommended.

Where there is smoke there is harm? You may ask yourself this. As with everything that emits smoke, incense smoke could be inhaled when using it. If you’d prefer to avoid this, I suggest burning incense in a well ventilated room, ensuring the stick or cone is “fire safe” and to enter the room after the smoke has cleared. The end effect we want, after all, is the fragrance that remains even after the smoke is removed from the room.

Should I Avoid Incense If I’m Pregnant?

You must consider not only the harm from smoke inhalation but also from the medicinal qualities of the plant.

Some aromatic plants have properties that may induce labor, and your baby might also be allergic to some of the materials that make up the incense.

Personally, I would strongly avoid exposure to burning incense, if you were pregnant.

Which Incense Brand Should I Use?

Always do your own research. I have done my own and this is why Spirit Connexions only stock and re-sell select brands and manufacturers of incense. High quality organic or all-natural brands are so worth paying more for, over the lesser-known cheap and un-trustworthy brands. Put simply, good quality incense is made with better materials. Nippon Kodo have been producing incense since the year 1575. Based in Japan, their traditions are the strong foundations for their brand. They have a vast array of sub-branded incese ranges to suit any budget.


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