Ultimate Motivation Bracelet


Give a boost to your intentions and goals. This bracelet uses Red Jasper, Citrine, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Tigers Eye and Garnet.

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You will earn 180 Points worth £1.80 to redeem on future purchases on this website. You must register before you can collect points.
You will earn 180 Points worth £1.80 to redeem on future purchases on this website. You must register before you can collect points.

Wrist Size

Please measure your wrist as shown in the example below. Measuring your wrist correctly and accurately is required to have a bracelet fit around your wrist nicely, without being too tight or to loose.
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If you’re looking for an energetic boost to support your intentions and goals, then this bracelet will be a perfect fit.

The beads on this bracelet are 8mm in diameter. They are strung on to a very strong and durable stretch cord, allowing for easy on/off fitment.

This bracelet will be made for you once the order is placed. You can select the wrist size from those listed. Please measure your wrist accurately before ordering, using the measuring illustration as a guide.

About the Stones

RED JASPER: A stone of endurance, Red Jasper surges with vitality and will replenish energy levels, enabling you to take on any challenge. ⁣⁠
CITRINE: The warmth and radiance of Citrine imparts joy and optimism to all who use it. Use this crystal to dissolve self-doubt and embrace a positive outlook on life. Taking that next step in your challenge or intention will be exciting!⁣⁠
BLOODSTONE: If you’re feeling exhausted, demoralised, or defeated, Bloodstone helps you rise up, time after time so that you can claim victory. ⁣⁠
TIGER’S EYE: Having trouble following a task through to completion? Well, Tigers Eye can improve willpower and instill determination. Use it to access your inner strength and stick to the task at hand. ⁣⁠
CARNELIAN: A stone of creativity, Carnelian is highly motivating, stimulating, and inspiring. Use it to spark new ideas into existence and connect more deeply to the things that bring you pleasure.
GARNET: A stone of passion and courage, increasing vitality and stamina. It also stimulates devotion to yourself, your purpose, and your goals.

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