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Labradorite Bracelets

Our Labradorite bracelets are top quality. We hand select the stones from Grade A batches. If the Labradorite isn’t up to our high standard, it doesn’t go in to our bracelet, simple.

Listed below are the Labradorite bracelets available from Spirit Connexions. Some bracelets contain only Labradorite, whereas others are a mixture with other semi-precious gemstones. If you don’t see a Labradorite bracelet that takes your fancy, contact us with your ideas and we’ll try and put that right.

It can be very difficult to photograph Labradorite, trying to capture it’s allure, with that all important blue flash. We operate a fair image policy and that means we don’t use a flash or lightbox on any of our Labradorite bracelet photos. Just natural day light and on a neutral background. That way, when you receive your bracelet, you won’t be feeling let down or surprised.

Labradorite Bracelets

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