Product Care

How To Wear & Care For Your Spirit Connexions Bracelet

The left side of your body, which is seen as the feminine side, deals with your internal self. It is also your most sensitive side. It receives energy from outside your body and helps you make positive “shifts” that best benefit you internally. When you wear certain gemstones on your left wrist you can consciously control and modify stresses from your outside environment. Your left side is all about the change you want to make inside. To send healing energies through the body wear the bracelets on the left wrist.

In contrast, your right side, which is also seen as the masculine side of your body, is your “doer” or “action” side. When you wear gems on your right wrist, the gemstones aid in your productivity and control the energy you put into your outside environment. Your right side is more about how you take action in the world outside. To release toxins from the body and align your Chakras wear the bracelets on the right wrist.

To get the best energetic benefit from your gemstone jewelry you simply need to find the correct balance between your left and right sides (similar to the ancient Chinese concept of yin and yang energy – light vs. dark, slow vs. fast, soft vs. hard, internal vs. external, etc.). You can do this by wearing gemstone bracelets on your left and right wrists in specific combinations to help you better achieve what you desire.

Tips To Keep Your Bracelet In Good Condition For As Long As Possible

Your Spirit Connexions bracelet is handmade, handmade with a lot of care, love and attention to detail. The semi-precious gemstones are hand-picked from Grade-A batches. The stretch cord is doubled over and very strong. With all that said, your bracelet still needs to be treated with care. We recommend the following to get the most from it.

  • When applying or removing your bracelet, roll it over your hand. Try not to pinch or pull at it. Over time this could weaken the elasticity of the cord or even snap it
  • Remove your bracelet if you are going to get your hands/wrists wet. Showering, swimming or washing the dishes etc. These activities should be avoided whilst wearing the bracelet
  • Remove the bracelet before sleeping or partaking in vigorous physical activity. The bracelet could get caught and over-stretched. Excessive sweat during intense exercise, or even on a hot day, could eventually make the stones dull, or cause the cord to weaken
  • Avoid contact with lotions, make-up, hairspray, detergants etc
  • When you're not wearing your bracelet, store it safely inside a pouch. We provide you with a pouch and this works very well
  • Do not leave your bracelet in excessively cold or hot rooms. Extreme cold can shrink the cord, while heat can stetch it
  • Do not leave your bracelet in a bathroom where it could be exposed to water or damp
  • To clean your bracelet wipe it with a soft, damp cloth and dry immediately. Do not use detergent as this will more than likely have an adverse effect to the stones or cord


Our bracelets have a warranty of 6 months with proof of purchase. Please note that in order for the warranty to be valid, you will have to return your faulty item to us in full, in order to receive a replacement.

Our warranty does not entitle you to receive a replacement or refund for lost or stolen items.