Welcome to the world of Kayuragi, where fragrance "Ka" meets with slowly wafting scented smoke "Yuragi". Inspired by Kimono (Japanese traditional wear) fabric, the package texture is smooth, and the colouring is dramatic.

Kayuragi series includes the popular Aloeswood and Sandalwood as well as 13 Japanese floral and fruity fragrances. When the incense is lit, its' smoke and aroma wafts throughout the space and brings a feeling of relief and relaxation.

Made in Japan.

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Kayuragi Pomegranate Incense by Nippon Kodo

Kayuragi Pomegranate Incense by Nippon Kodo

  • Available in stick or cone
  • Presented in a Paulownia wood box

Kayuragi Japanese incense is available to order as sticks or cones. There are 40 sticks or 12 cones and both versions are presented in a beautiful Paulownia wooden box, perfect for giving as a gift.

This range on incense from Nippon Kodo is growing in popularity in the U.K and we try to maintain good stock levels, with the ever-increasing demand.

The Kayuragi incense range is a beautifully perfumed collection featuring woody, floral and fruity fragrances. Our personal favourite here is the Pomegranate. It's seriously mouth watering and fills a room for many hours.