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High Blood Pressure Control Crystal Bracelet


Affirmation: “I am capable of lowering my blood pressure. I will maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

You will earn 200 Points worth £2.00 to redeem on future purchases on this website. You must register before you can collect points.
You will earn 200 Points worth £2.00 to redeem on future purchases on this website. You must register before you can collect points.


Amethyst is one of the best healing stones for regulating high blood pressure. It has a cooling, tension-relieving and pain-soothing effect. It also helps to harmonise brain functions, calms the nerves, leads to relaxation. Amethyst has the added benefit of being an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration.


While lowering blood pressure, this beautiful stone also reduces stress and anxiety. It also stimulates your circulation and reduces sensitivity to cold. It offers strength and unity helping you to recognise differences in your energies and within your body.


Blue Chalcedony has an anti-inflammatory effect and lowers temperature and blood pressure. Heals the lungs and clears the respiratory system.

Green Aventurine

This is one of the better stones for equalising and controlling blood pressure. It comforts, harmonises and protects the heart. As it has a particularly soothing energy it is also recommended for working through unresolved emotional issues. Use it to loosen and release negativity, energy blockages and disease and assist the body with regeneration.


as you may be able to imply from its name, is one of the premier crystals for dealing with blood pressure problems. It is particularly beneficial for cleansing and purifying the blood and the circulatory system. It helps to regulate blood circulation and maintain optimum pressure. Also encourages overall health and wellness.

Black Tourmaline

This stone helps to equalise blood pressure, increase physical vitality and strengthen your nervous system. It is also a protective and grounding crystal that helps to keep stress and negativity out of the way.


Sodalite works well at lowering blood pressure and calming the nerves. It also has the power to purify your organs and make them work to capacity. Additionally it can boost your immunity and protect you from most ailments. It imparts a healthy heart vibration that opens up a stress-free lifestyle too.

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