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Nippon Kodo – Oedo Koh Incense Range

Nippon Kodo – Oedo Koh Incense Range

£25.99 per fragrance
Oedo Koh High Quality Japanese Incense Sticks inside high quality packaging. There are six fragrances available - Aloeswood, Cherry Blossoms, Chrysanthemum, Peony Tree, Pine tree and Water Drop. Click the product titles below to view more information on each scent. Each pack has 60 sticks inside a Paulownia wood box with an explanatory leaflet featuring Japanese Ukiyo-e paintings. A special range of fine Japanese Incense from Nippon Kodo - The fine packaging, Paulownia wood box, accompanying leaflet and metalic Incense Stick holder make this a wonderful gift for someone who really appreciates high quality incense.