Elemense Air Incense Sticks by Nippon Kodo

Part of the Nippon Kodo Elemense range.

Also in the Elemense range: Air, Space, Fire, Earth and Water.

Incense Subtype

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Elemense Air incense sticks from Nippon Kodo – Inspired by the element of Air.

This incense gives you an uplifting scent of Anise, Tomato Leaf and Galbanum gum resins, all of which are combined on a base of quality Sandalwood.

  • Quantity of incense sticks = 40
  • Burn time per stick =  30 minutes
  • Stick length =  140mm long
  • No bamboo core, clean burning, pure scent
  • Box includes a small ceramic tile holder
  • Net weight of incense per box is approx. 18 grams
  • Made in Japan


Incense Subtype


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